Smart Moxibustion Treatment

This holistic moxibustion treatment combines the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese wellness research, and modern technology. The smart moxa device can effectively eliminate coldness or excess dampness in the body. To achieve smooth and flawless skin while detoxifying the meridians, you won't regret choosing this safe body sculpting and wellness-boosting treatment.




Our exclusive temperature test and physical evaluations allow us to understand the customer’s overall physique status directly, delve into the root cause of any problem, and prescribe the proper remedy. The meridian induction reflex therapy helps improve and activate the transmission of various nerves in the body to boost immunity and self-healing abilities. The smart moxibustion system, along with the Japanese wormwood, can improve skin inflammation, muscle strains, rheumatic diseases, lower backache, and stiff joints, including sciatica and frozen shoulder. It can also relieve long-term allergies, respiratory issues, menstrual pain, infertility, edema, fat accumulation, weakness, and skin dullness.





Its distinctive spherical design and the use of Japanese SGS certified titanium as a conductor allows the device to emit highly concentrated, penetrating, rotating far infrared energy, which resonates better with cells in the human body. In addition, it has better penetration and heat conductivity compared with regular infrared energy. Furthermore, the smart temperature control system allows the heat to distribute evenly onto various acupoints, aponeurosis, muscle, and lymph nodes without damaging the skin. It can also relieve muscle aches from inside out while rejuvenating body cells, promoting microvascular expansion, reducing dampness in the body, and improving blood circulation.






This device provides 4 kinds of key treatments, each of which features three different meridian massaging techniques: kneading, tapping, and pinching. Moreover, they contain a state-of-the-art micro magnetic accessory, DR T, a 4D kneading magnetic stick, and smart moxa for targeted treatments.

  • The smart moxibustion treatment emits hypertonic, rotating and highly focused energy. It slows down aging, improves insomnia, dredges meridians, and relieves stress. It is a holistic wellness package.
  • The smokeless, focused moxibustion treatment relieves pain, eliminates dampness, detoxifies the meridian, and boosts qi and blood circulation. This treatment is mainly for cold hands and feet or chronic illnesses.
  • The micro-energy magnetic treatment reverses rheumatism, cleanses clogged lymph nodes, improves circulation, reduces edema, and relieves allergies and inflammation. This treatment is for acute or chronic edema and blocked lymph nodes.
  • The beauty and slimming wellness treatment can effectively sculpt your face and breast, tone your curves, warm up your uterus, and unclog breast ducts. It is suitable for those who wish to sculpt their face or breasts, slim down, prepare for pregnancy, and manage postpartum conditions.









養生天后利用獨家溫感測試及表徵測試,全方位了解客人身體體質,極速找出問題根源對症下藥,繼而利用感應反射療法,提高及激活身體各神經的傳遞,提升身體免疫力、自癔力, 達至固本培元的多重療效。透過智能艾炙系統配合日本艾草的神奇療效, 改善各種皮膚炎症, 改善筋肌勞損,風濕痹病,腰痛肌肉及關節(坐骨神經/五十肩等)痛症,長期過敏, 舒緩呼吸道毛病, 經痛, 宮寒致長期不孕, 水腫, 脂肪積聚, 氣虛, 皮膚暗啞等問題。











養生天后四大皇牌療程, 每項分別針對不同問題配以揉合撥、按、抓三種通經手法及嶄新微磁配件DR T 及4D 揉抓磁棒, 加上智艾球組成的智艾鐵三角, 重點對付問題部位。

  • 高滲旋轉聚焦智艾養生療法 用於減緩老化, 改善失眠, 疏通經絡及舒壓養生, 為基本全面性的養生程序。
  • 循環聚熱無煙艾炙 用於舒緩痛症, 祛濕驅寒, 排毒通經, 活血行氣, 主要針對經常手腳有冰冷感, 身上有積勞性痛症等人仕。
  • 微能量磁力療法 用於改善風濕, 暢通淋巴, 改善循環, 排走水腫, 過敏炎症, 針對偶發性或經常水腫/淋巴阻塞人仕。
  • 內息調養纖體美顏療程 用於輪廓提昇,胸部提昇, 瘦身修型, 暖宮祛寒, 疏通乳腺, 適合打造小顏, 提昇胸型, 瘦身, 有懷孕計劃/產後乳腺問題/護理等。





How long does it take to see results from treatments?
Generally, you can expect significant pain relief after 3–5 sessions. Individual results may vary.
一般改善痛症療程為 3-5次 即可得到舒緩,效果因人而異。
Who is not a suitable candidate for this treatment?
This treatment is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant, on any prescribed medication, with any drug allergies, metal or electronic implants, fillers, open wounds, severe or cystic acne, lupus erythematosus, eczema, skin inflammation, and hypertrophic scars.
正在服食任何藥物、懷孕中、藥物敏感、皮下有金屬支架、植入式電子儀器、填充劑, 開放式創傷/傷口,嚴重或囊腫形暗瘡,紅斑狼瘡,濕疹,皮膚發炎,增生性疤痕等
What type of post-treatment care is necessary?
*選擇以下單項療程 (限新客戶) :